Daily shots 2oz 

RISE - lemon, orange, fresh turmeric, yuzu rice wine vinegar

LEVITATE -  cucumber, ginger, lime

KELP ME - coconut h20, e3live

simple sips 12OZ

CARROT - organic fresh pressed carrots

CELERY - organic fresh pressed celery

ORANGE - organic fresh squeezed oranges

LEMON - organic fresh squeezed lemons and filtered sparking or still h20

*make it a lemonade and add agave

additional add-ons - ginger, turmeric

drinking vinegars 6oz & 12OZ

BLUEBERRY LAVENDER LIME - apple cider vinegar, agave, blueberry, fresh pressed lime, lavender, sparkling h20

ORANGE GINGER SAGE - organic apple cider vinegar, agave, fresh pressed ginger, sage, sparkling h20

*Drinking Vinegar Concentrate Mixers also for sale. Please inquire for more info.

health tonic

BREATH OF SPARKLING AIR- pressed green apple, ginger, lemon, sparkling h20* (also available still)

pressed juices 12oz 

GET UP AND GLOW - bell pepper, carrot, lemon, orange, turmeric

GROW FOR THE GREEN - cucumber, ginger, spinach, green apple, lime

smoothies 16oz 

ALL BASES COVERED - banana, blueberries, almond butter, organic almond milk, organic raw chocolate protein powder & cacao

VEG-ESSENTIALS - avocado, cucumber, coconut h20, spinach, organic raw vanilla protein powder & moringa powder

toasts (rotating selection)

ALMOND BUTTER - with banana, cacao nib & local honey

AVOCADO - with cucumber, micro-greens, olive oil, S & P, finished with our house RISE wellness shot dressing


SPINACH - with berries, cucumber, avocado, chia seeds & house turmeric dressing

vegan kale caesar - kale, roasted chickpeas & house vegan caesar dressing